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Three Head Welding Machine

Three head welding machine Two head welding machine Equipment Features: 1. Four head welding machine can work separately or linkage. 2. PVC window welding machine used for welding colorful seamless welding(0.22mm welding seam). 3. Profile clamp with cutters,welding seam adjustable within...

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Four head welding machine

Three head welding machine

Two head welding machine

Equipment Features:

The machine consists of three heads, controlled by a PLC system and pneumatically driven. Its motion stage uses CM oil-free lubricated bearings and bushing ball bearings. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high precision, easy operation and convenient maintenance. The three heads can work individually and together. The machine can be welded by an organic combination of four heads. One of the heads can be welded at various angles to meet the customer's need to weld curved or other shaped windows.

As an advanced quality equipment, this machine is mainly used for welding colored PVC profiles.

The weld can be adjusted.

Equipped with precision parts and a rigorous assembly process for high stability.

The cylinders, solenoid valves, PLCs, low-voltage electrical components and pneumatic components of the machine are strictly selected to ensure the reliability of the machine operation.

The profile positioning system adopts a rigid grip structure, which strictly guarantees low welding loss and high welding precision.

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