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PVC Window Two Head Welding Machine

Equipment Features: 1. Four head welding machine can work separately or linkage. 2. PVC window welding machine used for welding colorful seamless welding(0.22mm welding seam). 3. Profile clamp with cutters,welding seam adjustable within 0.2~2mm.It can respectively meet the common profile and colored profile processing requirement.

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Four head welding machine

Three head welding machine

Two head welding machine

Equipment Features:

The two weld heads can work individually or in combination for a flexible combination. The PLC control system controls the entire workflow throughout, safe and reliable.The use of programmable logic controller (PLC) ensures that the machine runs more stably and reliably. The double press function ensures a higher welding strength. The professional mold configuration can be designed according to different profiles to ensure that the corners are welded and cleaned. The heads can be used alone, in dual or combined use, or in combination. The parameters can be changed as needed.

During the welding process, the double-head welder can be moved horizontally to achieve various welding combinations.

One of the heads can change the angle during the welding process, and the angle range is flexible.

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