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Four Head Welding Machine

Three head welding machine Two head welding machine Equipment Features: 1. Four head welding machine can work separately or linkage. 2. PVC window welding machine used for welding colorful seamless welding(0.22mm welding seam). 3. Profile clamp with cutters,welding seam adjustable within...

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Four head welding machine

Three head welding machine

Two head welding machine

     The four-head welding machine is a special machine for processing PVC doors and windows. The machine is controlled by a PLC programmer. The pneumatic drive system and high-precision pad bearing movement ensure the welding strength, welding precision and durability of PVC doors and windows. The clamping of the profile, the melting of the profile and the movement of the frame are controlled by the PLC. All movements are automatically completed one by one and are easy to operate. In addition, pneumatic components with excellent performance and long life, imported industrial PLC control system and high-strength machine structure ensure the service life of PVC window welding machine. This machine is one of the essential PVC window manufacturing machines.

Equipment Features:

  • It can weld doors and windows of any shape and can be welded to any angle range.

  • The four heads can work independently or in combination, with flexible combination and high efficiency.

  • The square bearing system ensures clamping, heating, positioning, moving plate accuracy and reliability.

  • The sturdy base and construction of the machine ensure long, accurate and accurate machine life.

  • The machine head can be welded at any angle within a certain angle.

  • It is convenient and easy to operate when replacing special fixtures.

  • The PLC is used to control the entire welding process, which is convenient and reliable.

  • If there are special requirements, you can set the parameters to meet different requirements.



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