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Digital Display Double-head Precision Cutting Saw Machine

Characteristics: 1.Stability and reliability of control system. 2.Imported original cutting blade,high and stable function,lifespan is over 100000 hours. 3.Higher cutting quality and efficiency, cutting length is up to 4200mm with appearance and beautiful cutting angle. 4.EUROPE model, gear and...

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Digital Display Double-head Precision Cutting Saw Machine

Equipment Features:

1. High quality aluminum carbide saw blade for good cutting performance

2. High precision spindle, stable saw blade rotation

3. Gas-liquid damping mechanism realizes uniform feed speed regulation and stable movement

4. The feed system adopts linear guide motion pair with high precision and good stability.

5. The two saw heads can automatically convert the angle to achieve the angle cutting of 67.5°, 45°, 90° profiles.

6. Automatic opening and closing protective cover makes work safe and convenient

7. The machine adopts digital display device to make parameter setting more accurate and more intuitive to operate.

8. Suitable for cutting aluminum doors and windows and curtain wall profiles, also for corner profile cutting

9. The machine adopts imported CNC system, which can complete continuous automatic cutting of profiles with different specifications.

10. The feed mechanism adopts the imported guide rail slider pair, which has high motion precision.

11. Precision linear bearing pair ensures high-precision repeat positioning

12. Automatic head rotation, bidirectional positioning, clamping

13. Two-way cylinder clamping mechanism for fast and stable positioning and clamping

14. Automatic opening and closing of the protective cover for safer operation

15. Sprinkler for rapid cooling

16. The fuselage has better rigidity and less deformation

Main Specification and Technical Parameter



Cutting motor power


Air Pressure


Air consumption


Power supply

380V 50Hz

Motor rotary speed


Blade specification

φ500×φ30×4.4 Z= 120

Cutter feeding speed

Step-less speed regulation 0-3m/min

Repeat locating length


Cutting profile surface plane


Cutting profiles surface


Cutting angle

90° 45°

Cutting angle tolerance


Cutting height

max 200mm

Cutting width

max 135mm

Cutting length


Overall dimension




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