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Aluminum Window Double Head Cutting Machine

Aluminum Window Double Head Cutting Machine

Characteristics: 1.Stability and reliability of control system. 2.Imported original cutting blade,high and stable function,lifespan is over 100000 hours. 3.Higher cutting quality and efficiency ,cutting length is up to 6000mm with appearance and beautiful cutting angle. 4.EUROPE model ,gear and...

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We are committed to the highest standards of mechanical supply of aluminum and pvc windows. We will ensure that we provide machinery that meets our customers' expectations and provide free consultation to all manufacturers. Our company has grown and developed since its inception with its policy of continuous innovation, quality and flexible service. Have a design team that constantly updates the machine so that customers can benefit from better machines.

The machine features pneumatic drive, linear and stable feed. The movable saw head is dragged by the motor and is easy to operate. The tool is an alloy saw blade with high precision and long service life. It also has a solid structure and stable ability.

This machine is used for the cutting of aluminum and PVC profiles. It has a wide cutting range and high productivity, suitable for mass production, continuous and multi-production.


This machine is used for precise and efficient cutting of profiles such as aluminum and PVC.

Precise cutting ensures high-precision heavy-duty positions and convenient operation.

The linear bearing system in the moving and feeding unit ensures precise machine operation and cutting and stable performance.

Main Technical Parameter:

Cutting motor power

2*2.2Kw Rotary speed:2800r/min

Servomotor power

2*1Kw 1*1.5Kw Rotary speed:4050r/min

Input power

380V 50Hz

Operation air pressure


Air consumption


Blade specification

Φ500*Φ30*4.4  Z=120T(Standard size)

Cutting feeding speed

Step-less regulation0-3m/min

Cutting moving speed


Cutting angle

45°-157.5° any angle in the range

Cutting width


Cutting length

Max.6000mm min 360mm at 90°
Max.6000mm min 760mm at 45°

Cutting height


Repeat locating length tolerance


Cutting profile surface plane


Cutting angle tolerance


Cutting profile surface roughness


Overall Dimension




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