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Windows Machine

  • CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine

    The CNC Aluminum Profile Bending Machine is mainly used for bending for metal materials ,such as Iron,copper and aluminum and special-shaped material. It is ideal equipment of curved process for furniture manufactures, wrought iron engineering manufacturers
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  • CNC Four-corner Vertical Welding Machine

    CNC four-corner Vertical Welding Machine is used for processing PVC window and door.The four heads of the machine can work at the same time, and can complete the welding work of a rectangular window frame or window sash at a time.
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  • Window 4 Corner Welding Machine

    This Window 4 Corner Welding Machine is used for the assembly of high-grade aluminum doors and windows, and can complete the corner punch connection of four corners at a time.
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  • Colorful PVC Window Welding Machine

    This Colorful PVC Window Welding Machine is mainly used to weld PVC door and window and process it. This machine can work independently and complete the whole welding work.
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  • Four Head Welding Machine

    ​The Four Head Welding Machine is a special machine for processing PVC doors and windows. The machine is controlled by a PLC programmer. The pneumatic drive system and high-precision pad bearing movement ensure the welding strength, welding precision and durability of PVC...
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  • Three Head Welding Machine

    The Three Head Welding Machine consists of three heads, controlled by a PLC system and pneumatically driven. Its motion stage uses CM oil-free lubricated bearings and bushing ball bearings. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high precision, easy operation and convenient...
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  • PVC Window Two Head Welding Machine

    The two weld heads can work individually or in combination for a flexible combination. The PLC control system controls the entire workflow throughout, safe and reliable.The use of programmable logic controller (PLC) ensures that the machine runs more stably and reliably.
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  • Single Head Welding Machine

    Compared with other multi-head welding machines, the single head welding machine has a simple structure, small size, flexibility and convenience, and convenient work.
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  • PVC Window Double Head Cutting Machine

    PVC Window Double Head Cutting Machine is used for 45°~90° fixed-angle cutting of aluminum-plastic profiles. The sawing angle limit is adjustable, which can realize the precision compensation. The swing type feeding mode is flexible.
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  • CNC Double Head Cutting Machine

    This cnc double head cutting machine is mainly used for cutting PVC profiles, profile clamping and saw blade pneumatically driven. The compact blade safety cover ensures operator safety.
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  • High Efficiency Aluminum Profile Double Head Cutting Saw

    The high efficiency aluminum profile double head cutting saw has the advantages of precise cutting, simple operation, reliable performance, advanced technology and easy maintenance. It is suitable for the production of large quantities, continuity and variety of plastic doors...
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  • PVC Window Cutting Saw

    This PVC Window Cutting Saw is suitable for cutting processing of aluminum molding profiles 45°, 67.5°, 90°. The movable saw head drive and feed are controlled by CNC system. The utility model has the advantages of high precision of blanking, simple operation and reliable...
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