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  • Insulated Glass Machine

    The Insulated Glass Machine has a feeding part, a washing and drying part, a light detecting part, a transition part, an aluminum spacer positioning part, a servo drive plate press part, a storage part, and an inclined unloading part.
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  • Insulating Glass Equipment

    The main components of Insulating Glass Equipment JYN1800 adopt imported brands, PLC control, Touch screen interface.
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  • Insulating Glass Washing Machine

    Equipment Features: 1.PLC control system, touch screen interface. 2.Can wash on-line and off-line glass. 3.Hierarchical type washing machine. 4.Water tank automatic temperature control, water replenishing system. 5.European silencer system & stainless steel drying system....
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  • Double Glazing Glass Washing Machine

    Equipment Features: 1.Washing section and water system adopt complete stainless steel or rot proof materials. 2.It has 3 pairs of glass washing soft brushes for coated glass and LOW-E glass. 3.Drying section adopts rubber roller to scrape of the water,and use the hot wind to...
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  • Butyl Extruder

    Equipment Introduction: --This machine is used for the first sealing for insulating glass. --PLC control system high automation standard. --Frequency conversion control convenient operation high production efficiency. --Glue head can adjust the width automatically and no need...
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  • Insulating Glass Two Component Sealant Extruder

    Insulating Glass Two Component Sealant Extruder adopts full pneumatic control. The machine is beautiful in appearance, compact in structure and easy to maintain. It has high glue-making efficiency, good continuity, uniform mixing and no color difference, and the mixing effect...
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  • Insulating Glass Sealing Machine

    The Insulating Glass Sealing Machine has high working efficiency and is suitable for all glass deep processing industries.The whole machine is easy to operate and adopts PLC control system.
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