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What Characteristics Does A Professional Glass Washer Need To Have?
May 29, 2018

Characteristic 1--temperature can be regulated For precision instruments, almost every melting point and vulnerable points are different, so professional glass cleaning machine should have the temperature control function.

Under normal circumstances its temperature controller can adjust the blowing temperature, this kind of hair temperature adjustable range is generally from 0-90°, for consumers to choose freely.

Characteristic 2--speed can be adjusted For glass equipment cleaning, should have speed adjustment function, to meet the needs of consumers, as well as glass products cleaning requirements.

Professional glass Cleaning machine its transmission part of the general use of the five-level variable speed control system to facilitate the adjustment, so that users can arbitrarily adjust the cleaning speed;

Features 3--Durability Excellent For glass cleaning machines, consumers hope that the longer the better, durability is also a test of its use of a checkpoint.

Therefore, the professional glass cleaning machine in the conveyor stick, brush sticks and sponge sticks These accessories must be high-temperature-resistant, acid and alkali material, in order to ensure its durability.

Characteristic 4--emits little noise In the process of cleaning glass equipment, professional glass cleaning machine used in general are centrifugal fan, this is mainly because it has a small volume, large air volume characteristics, will not bring too much noise for users. In addition, it should also have a high-temperature drying system, which is mainly due to the glass after cleaning the surface temperature around 30-50°.

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