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Types Of Glass Machinery
May 29, 2018

Glass machinery mainly includes the following categories: Float production line, lattice method production line, tempering furnace, homogeneous furnace, clamp line, hollow line, coating line, screen printing equipment, glass edging machine, glass cleaning machine, fully automatic glass sand machine, polishing machine, on-chip, cutting machine, drilling machine, engraving machine, etc., the most common is the glass cleaning machine.

Glass edging machine.

Glass Sand Punching machine

Introduction and Function: In daily life, we often see some of the surface of glass is micro-roughness, matte, and some beautiful patterns, patterns, then deal with this effect of the machine, we call it a glass sand machine (also known as Glass sandblasting machine, glass dozen sand machines), the name is different, the function is similar. The working principle of the Glass sanding machine: The blade on the high speed rotating drum will be slapped out at 18 m/s at the speed of the tangent imported sand grain flow. Sand grains by the acceleration hit to slowly through the transparent glass surface, the sharp sand grain will be the glass surface bump on the micro-concave pits, the overall glass surface on the sand effect out, According to the different hardness of sand grains and different shape size on the glass surface has different treatment effect.

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