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The Problem That Equipment Of Window And Door Needs To Notice When Cleaning Welding Tumour
Dec 15, 2018

◆Clean up the excess weld and welding slag is not to affect the use of plastic steel doors and windows and beautiful. For example, for the flat window, the existence of welding nodules will affect the sealing between the window frame and the window sash; For push-pull Windows, the flexibility of push-pull will be affected. Plastic steel doors and windows profile welding nodules cleaning using CNC windows and doors equipment angle cleaning machine and manual angle cleaning machine. After solder joint cleaning, if the surface depth of groove, depth should be less than or equal to 0.3 mm.

●Attention should be paid to the following problems when cleaning up weld nodules:

①The welding nodules of window of model steel door and window clears advisable to be in after welding welding when welding angle place is not cooled completely, right now, structure of the molecular inside profile tends to be stable, did not harden completely, neither do not affect welding angle intensity to also won't produce collapse angle phenomenon.

②When using CNC angle-clearing machine or manual angle-clearing machine for windows and doors of plastic steel, pay attention to ensuring the correct angle of the blade, the sharpness of the blade and the adjustment of cleaning groove depth.

③When cleaning the welding nodules of plastic steel doors and Windows, it is strictly prohibited to leave gaps in the components.


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