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The Main Development Trend Of Hollow Products
Dec 20, 2018

(1) Raw materials to meet the function and performance (medicine, food packaging) requirements of hollow products, hollow products of raw materials will be more abundant, processing performance is better. Such as PEN materials, not only high strength, good heat resistance, strong gas barrier, transparent, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, can be used to blow a variety of plastic bottles, and filling temperature is high, carbon dioxide gas, oxygen barrier performance is good, and resistance to chemicals.

(2) Hollow products packaging containers, industrial products will have a greater growth, and injection blow molding, multi-layer blow molding will have a rapid development.

(3) Precision and high efficiency of hollow machinery and equipment blow molding machinery; Assist in the automation of production (operation) equipment. "Precise and efficient" not only refers to the mechanical equipment in the production of molding process has high speed and high pressure, and the production of products in terms of fluctuations and a heavy appearance size all can achieve higher stability, that is to say, the size and shape of each place production blow molding products high geometric accuracy, deformation and narrow, the appearance and intrinsic quality and production efficiency of blow molding products such as indexes to reach a higher level. Auxiliary operations include flanging, cutting, weighing, drilling, leak detection and so on.

(4) The mechanism of blow molding simulation for hollow products has been further studied. The reasonable construction of the mathematical model of blow molding simulation and the rapid and accurate numerical algorithm are the keys to the simulation. Blow molding simulation will play an increasingly important role in product quality prediction and control.

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