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Quality Standard For Aluminum Door And Window Equipment
Jan 09, 2019

●First of all, the equipment of the system must be very strong resistance to deformation ability, use must be done to the important parts of the equipment system of each science and mechanics calculation, and considering the wind pressure, the influence of the earthquake effect on equipment system such as weight, even at the same time to professional fastener products such as verification, to ensure the safety devices.
●Secondly, there is no floating connection and fixed mode in the equipment plate. Because the floating connection can effectively ensure the recovery ability of the equipment after deformation, and also ensure the integrity of the equipment, so that the equipment will not be deformed due to the force; The fixing method plays a decisive role in the formation and installation of the plate. If the hands of each fixing point of the plate are inconsistent, the surface material will be deformed and the effect of exterior decoration will be affected. Therefore, the fixing method of the plate must adopt the method of constant distance compression to ensure the overall leveling degree of the equipment.

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