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Operation Process Of Glass Cleaning Machine
May 29, 2018

Every glass machinery has to know the operation of the process, if we do not attach importance to the operation of the glass cleaning machine, then the use of a certain failure, will affect the use of glass cleaning machine effect, but also shorten the service life of glass cleaning machine, and even cause casualties of the problem,

So we use the time must comply with the use of glass cleaning machine instructions before operation, then how do we correctly operate the glass cleaning machine?

First of all, the boot is the use of the first step of the glass cleaning machine, to follow the correct boot sequence operation, such as the blower can be opened after the heater to open, the shutdown step is the reverse of the boot process.

Second, before using the glass washer, to the mechanical equipment inspection, to prevent mechanical equipment with problems, so in use, the problem will be magnified, it will affect our operation, if the operation has occurred before the failure, then the troubleshooting repair, before the use of glass cleaning machine. 

Finally, we also pay attention to the oil slick, improve the efficiency of the glass cleaning machine.

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