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Operating Points Of Insulating Glass Processing Equipment
Oct 25, 2018

Glass is a fragile and easily cracked product. In the process of production, special attention is needed. The production of insulating glass is more difficult and more demanding.

1.Read the operation specification book carefully. Illustrate the book or the process is bound to have a look at the experience, above, there are many details and technical experience, every process need be careful of the local, and these details we are to clarify the book list out, so said perusal clarifies book is mastered the bible operation, also can prevent because of improper operation to machine or is lost in the composition of the glass.

2.Learn to deal with emergencies. Emergency treatment is very necessary. It is very likely that something will happen during operation. At this time, we should press the continuous button or close the power supply in time. Emergency treatment is the best maintenance of the machine, so learning to stop is more important than learning to operate.

3.Maintain the machine. In order to facilitate the delivery, the glass cleaner will have a conveyor belt to help clean the parts. It is advocated not to put unnecessary items on the conveyor belt, which will cause damage to the machine. Therefore, we need to take a little care to maintain the machine and add the service life of the glass cleaner.

4.Be careful for safety. Do not touch the wound parts of the machine by hand, as the glass cleaner is a liquid operating environment. It is assumed that random touching of live parts may lead to electric shock. Operators need to be aware of their own safety, and work together according to the rules, which is also to their own.

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