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Major Factors Affecting The Cutting Stability Of Double-head Cutting Saw
Nov 21, 2018

1.High profile strength and hardness, increased consumption power, small thermal conductivity and capacity, and reduced heat dissipation capacity.

2.The cutting speed of the two-headed cutting saw of door and window equipment has the biggest impact, and the cutting speed increases and the power consumed increases by 70% to 80%. The cutting power increases exponentially with the increase in the number of work-feed knives, but the cutting blade heat increases exponentially as well.

3.The cutting tool parameter front Angle increases, deformation and friction decreases, cutting power decreases, the heat generated decreases, cutting temperature decreases, and current Angle increases again. Due to the reduction of wedge Angle, heat dissipation volume decreases, and cutting is stable. The length of the cutting edge decreases, the heat dissipation area decreases, and the cutting edge increases stably.

To sum up,  the best way to effectively increase the cutting stability of two-headed cutting saw and increase the service life of saw blade is to slow down the feeding speed of saw blade, reduce the working time of single cutting, and use cutting fluid to radiate heat.

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