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How To Choose Door And Window Equipment?
Nov 30, 2018

1.Need to check the material of equipment of door window equipment. Material is the important factor that decides door window equipment is good, if door window equipment USES bad material, its resistance is weaker, and color and shape change easily. There are these requirements for materials: in the shape of the color freely, smooth and neat to touch, uniform distribution. In the structure of the place to have water, to avoid corrosion in the parts of the equipment, can play a role in heat resistance. In the performance of a certain degree of hardness and toughness. Should pay attention to the selection of toxic substances, toxic materials firmly do not choose.

2.Look at the parts of the door and window equipment. The choice of the part is particularly important to the door window equipment that makes high grade, when window is installed in hollows glass, the quality inside each limits reachs 80 jins possibly, the requirement that does not have a component so is particularly tall. The quality of each company's parts is also very different, the price is also different. Low quality door window equipment component can appear after using very short time damaged phenomenon, let door window appear certain problem, not only be affected in push-pull process, also form certain menace to safety.

3.Need to see the production of door window equipment. According to unified regulation, the gap between door window equipment vertex line segment wants to be controlled in 2.5 millimeter, this is a strict numerical value and application range. This needs to have the specialized production equipment and the skill as the basic safeguard, but also has the technical good operator.

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