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Glass Drilling Machine
May 29, 2018

The glass drilling machine is specially used for the glass drilling machine, mainly divided into: base, operating table, bit, motor, drilling diameter large, the seat overhang large vacancy, can be a variety of sizes of glass drilling, low table height, easy to operate, under the drill bit using air pressure, speed stability, glass processing enterprises are the ideal drilling machinery.


Attention to safety when commissioning and use, do not touch the moving parts and live parts when the machine starts

Tools and other items should not be placed on the conveyor rails and enclosures

There is an emergency, immediately press the "Emergency stop " button or pull down the air switch;

Always pay attention to the grinding situation: grinding wheel loss to timely compensation for the knife.

At any time to keep the water tank cooling water adequacy, clean water, so as to avoid burning loss of grinding wheel and glass, and timely clearance of the grinding impurities in and out of the water pipe, keep the waterway smooth

Before work should check all stroke switch work is normal, the control direction is correct, if incorrect, control direction is wrong, should immediately stop checking, otherwise the machine will have fatal damage.

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