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Details Of Installation And Commissioning Of Doors And Windows Equipment
Nov 23, 2018

1.Electricity. Voltage 380V is the normal voltage of general door window machinery equipment, the voltage must be stable, the line will not affect the use of equipment and personnel operation as far as possible, the ground line to use protective cover protection.

2.Gas supply. As a result of door window equipment press makings should assure enough supply air quantity, can use better so, this is a foundation, will realize cylinder is pressed tight. Below normal circumstance, the air that door window equipment supplies quantity and air pressure are to have fixed parameter requirement, supply gas flow to want to achieve 0.3 namely, air pressure also wants to be able to achieve 8 pressure. Below the circumstance that has equipment of many door window, this needs to prepare a few more to store gas canister, this is decided according to actual situation. If the air pressure can not be reached, the accuracy of the door and window processing equipment will be in and out of the corresponding impact, the corresponding processing effect will also occur some deviation from the expected phenomenon.

3.Equipment. Broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows equipment a lot of types, each kind of equipment will have a variety of models, or a variety of equipment parts are different and so on. So in the installation and debugging of door and window equipment, need to coordinate the work of each area, master every detail.

4.Space, in the use of equipment site, to reasonable arrangement of equipment placement position, do from the storage of raw materials and sawing processing to finished Windows and doors factory through-train, do not appear in the east under the material also need to go to the west to carry materials.

5.Security. Be sure to use the equipment for special purpose, and post the safety specifications of the equipment and the handling method of safety accidents.

6.Equipment maintenance. The maintenance of equipment to be carried out by a special person, the maintenance of the first order to power off gas. After daily use, clean up the equipment and debris, and check whether the equipment is abnormal.

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