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Break Bridge Aluminum Doors And Windows Equipment Debugging Preparatory Work How To Do?
Nov 27, 2018

一.Power requirements:

1.The total power input refers to the sum of the power of the purchased aluminum doors and windows equipment for broken bridges, and the specifications of wires and cables are also determined accordingly.

2.The equipment input voltage is 380V and adopts three-phase four-wire system. Normal operating voltage fluctuation shall not exceed 380V plus or minus 10% and 50HZ plus or minus 1HZ.

3.All broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment are equipped with grounding protection device, so in order to ensure safety, please strictly follow the norms of grounding protection measures for equipment, or take other protective measures according to the requirements of the enterprise.

4.Each equipment shall be equipped with a separate switchboard and protector.

二.Air supply requirements:

1.Air compressor selection: air compressor exhaust should not be less than the sum of all equipment gas consumption, and leave more than 1/4 of the margin, and placed in a dry and clean air position.

2. Air filter should be equipped to ensure the quality of air source and extend the service life of pneumatic components.

3. PVC pipe is recommended for trachea. If the use of ordinary trachea, should consider the flow of gas source, flow rate, and so on, and the air pump from the equipment should not be too far away; Air pump should be placed in dry and clean air position and water twice a day.

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