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Three axis vertical processing center
Dec 03, 2018

◆Vertical processing center is one of the most common in the field of CNC machine tools and processing center, CNC processing center machine tool processing center is also the most widely used processing center machine, it possess the characteristics of three-axis linkage, according to the number of shaft points is usually divided into vertical processing center, vertical processing center, four axis vertical processing center and five axis vertical processing center, the latter two kinds of 4 axis and 5 axis processing center is on the basis of the three axis processing center has evolved.

 Introduction to vertical processing center

◆Processing centers are divided into vertical and horizontal types. The difference lies in the vertical processing center (three axis) the most effective processing surface for the top surface of the workpiece, horizontal processing center with the help of rotary table, can complete the workpiece of the four sides of the processing. Vertical processing center processing materials are divided into plates or profiles. For example: aluminum plate, aluminum honeycomb plate, aluminum plastic plate, engineering plastic material, composite plastic, profile and other raw materials.

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