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Thinking of maintenance of plastic steel door and window equipment
May 29, 2018

(1) Pay attention to the investigation, understand the situation when the fault occurred in order to find the relevant factors.

(2) Observe the fault scene, equipment condition to see if there are any other abnormalities, so as to facilitate comprehensive and comprehensive analysis.

(3) Understand the principle of plastic steel door and window equipment, that is, clear plastic steel door and window equipment and equipment, mechanical structure, electrical, pneumatic components of the structure of the principle, in order to establish the correct maintenance ideas.

(4) To master the normal operation and maintenance common sense of plastic steel door and window equipment.

(5) Note that the same fault has a number of possible causes, should pay attention to comprehensive consideration.

(6) Specific problems should be specific analysis, the same fault phenomenon may be different reasons, such as the double angle saw press the button after the device no action, may be the touch of the button contact or electromagnetic valve core card dead two reasons. (7) from the mechanical, electrical, pneumatic several aspects of comprehensive consideration, combined with the specific phenomenon of failure, analysis of the possible related factors of failure, and gradually defined, and gradually reduce the scope of fault consideration.

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