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The operation process of the automatic glass sand-punching machine equipment in use
May 29, 2018

When you stop using the sand-blasting machine, you must cut off the power and gas source. Check whether the parts are abnormal, should always check the connection of the pipeline is strong. No material other than the specified abrasive shall be dropped into the work compartment to avoid affecting the abrasive cycle.

The machined workpiece surface must be dry.

Note: It is strictly prohibited to start compressed air without being fixed or hand-held.

The operation process after the use of glass sanding machine equipment: 1. For the urgent need to stop processing, press the emergency stop button switch, hit the sand machine that stops working. Cut off the power and gas source of the machine. 

2. To shift the downtime, the workpiece clean up first, close the trigger switch, water cleaning work table, sand tank and mesh plate on the surface of the attached abrasive, so that the flow back to the separator. Turn off the Dust Collection unit.

Turn off the power switch on the electrical box. 

3. Finally talk about how to replace the abrasive cleaning machine thoroughly clean work table, sand gun inside the wall and mesh plate attached to the abrasive, so that the flow back to the separator. Open the plunger at the bottom of the sand control valve and collect the abrasive into a container. Add new abrasive to the cabin as needed, but start the blower first.

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