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The main advantages of glass sandblasting machine
May 29, 2018

1, advanced. System design and equipment to reflect the requirements of modern production, in the context of the funds allowed, as far as possible the use of advanced technology and design. The advanced nature mainly manifests in the high sandblasting efficiency, the control is convenient, the dust processing quantity is big.

The control system of the electric appliance controls the control cabinet, the equipment control, the working status display and the safety system display. 

2, practicality.

The design of the glass sandblasting machine must first consider its practical, practical and reliable, the utility is mainly embodied in the practical and convenient reliability, low failure rate, easy maintenance and convenient replacement parts. 

3, environmental protection. Glass sandblasting machine work will produce a lot of dust, in the design to eliminate dust leakage, especially considering the sealing of equipment.

To minimize the emission of dust to ensure that workers work environment and the environment around the factory will not be affected.

4, security. As the operation of sand blasting room is dangerous, the design of sandblasting room, the arrangement of interior structure of the room, the maintenance and repair of the delivery organization, the design and arrangement of the electrical system must be considered from the angle of safety. The design should strictly abide by the national norms.

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