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The construction market space is huge, the aluminum door and window Enterprise competition also increasingly intense
May 29, 2018

Ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows have one of the biggest defects is the poor energy efficiency, in order to solve this problem, many manufacturers have begun to heat insulation aluminum profile research and development, and has more than 10 manufacturers have produced various types of insulating aluminum alloy profiles, completely solve the ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows do not have the disadvantage of energy saving

To the aluminum alloy doors and windows to the new vitality, insulated aluminum doors and windows are gradually replacing ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows products. In the next few years China's aluminum alloy profiles will become the mainstream construction market. Aluminum alloy doors and windows to High-tech, multi-functional development, first of all to the aluminum profile has to update higher requirements to meet the development needs of new aluminum doors and windows. 

Therefore, the choice of high-quality aluminum doors and windows, the production of aluminum alloy doors and windows of the manufacturer's choice is crucial. At present, the output of aluminum alloy doors and windows Enterprises is also different, only a small number of enterprises in full load production, some enterprises to maintain the status quo, some enterprises have no single to do. Some enterprises in the occasional single, sometimes no single embarrassing situation. In this case, the industry reshuffle has quietly begun. As the new deal continues to be implemented in the state market and more brands are coming in, the survival of the business will become more intense.

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