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Sandblasting machine use to pay attention to what?
May 29, 2018

The enterprise uses sandblasting and shot peening method to in addition to the work piece iron oxide skin, rust, oil, salt and other dirty matter, will produce some dust, causes the air to pollute. Therefore, the sandblasting machine should be located in a separate house. It is not permissible to carry out cleaning in an open house.

Especially in sandblasting cleaning, this section should be equipped with a strong air intake exhaust ventilation (15-20 times per hour).

In addition to the need to set up a general ventilation system to improve working conditions, sandblasting Cleaning equipment should be mechanized and sealed as carefully as possible to reduce dust in the house. Do not exceed the pressure allowed by the sandblasting machine (usually within 6 atmospheres) when working.

The work pressure is determined by the boiler inspection body and is shown in the certificate of each machine.

Work in the sand blasting machine should wear a dense cloth to do overalls, Dai Tong has a special air of the hat (with three layers of glued glass). Sandblasting machine operators should be subject to specialized security technology education, but some work, in the examination of technical common sense will be allowed to do. Workers should be aware of the safe way to avoid sand-flow hitting when moving and placing workpieces on machines that are above atmospheric pressure, as well as the safe way to avoid current hits when working alongside the movement and transmission mechanisms.

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