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Key points for selection of aluminum alloy doors and windows broken Bridge
May 29, 2018

1. Broken Bridge aluminum doors and windows are advanced aluminum alloy doors and windows, it is a wooden window, bars, plastic steel doors and windows and the ordinary color aluminum alloy doors and windows after the fifth generation of new heat preservation and energy-saving doors and windows.Its surface can be painted in a variety of colors. 

2. Broken bridge color aluminum alloy doors and windows of the composition of the structure is a combination of wood windows of environmental protection, bars and gangchuang of solid security, plastic steel doors and windows insulation energy-saving characteristics, is made up of two different sections through energy-saving insulation strips, energy-saving insulation bar is also called nylon strips, It is the main function of the heat transfer between the intermediate disconnect and prevent hot and cold transfer of rapid or slow heat transfer function.

Its structure than ordinary aluminum doors and windows complex, high cost, ordinary color aluminum does not have insulation strips, heat preservation is not energy-saving only on the surface to do paste processing. 

3. Broken Bridge aluminum doors and Windows profile section wall thickness strictly follow the national standards. The wall thickness requirements must be above 1.4mm, because the wall thickness is related to the Assembly technology and the strong security of the doors and windows. and ordinary color aluminum doors and windows wall thickness requirements are not too stringent, generally in accordance with the market and processing doors and windows interests, generally around 1.0mm.

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