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How to maintain the aluminum profile cutting machine
Dec 12, 2018

1.Daily check whether there is any oil on aluminum cutting oil cup, should maintain full seven points, avoid no lubricating oil and reduce the service life of air compressor parts, check pressure maintain 6-7 kg of pressure to operate, pressure is too big or too small is easy damaged air compressor parts, if not please change the water filter device of automatic drainage, avoid water pipeline, affect the machine working.

2.When the power supply is not in use, the fuse wire switch should be kept closed to ensure the safety of the machine and personnel.

3.In the lubricating place, support rod and pressure frame ring, connecting rod frame front and rear shafts, cylinder joint and the two ends of the roller in and out of the material, need to check once a week, timely lubrication, can avoid stuck and caused by the loss of stop.

4.keep the table surface clean to ensure the accuracy of sawing.

5.Check whether the air duct is damaged every day. If it is damaged, please replace it with a new one to prevent the machine from working normally due to leakage.

6.Check whether the belt is excessively worn, whether it is parallel and whether the pressure on the belt surface is too loose or too tight on a regular basis (preferably once a week).

7.In case of malfunction or non-action of pneumatic parts during operation, please replace the defective pneumatic parts.

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