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How to debug insulating glass production line?
Nov 08, 2018

1.Adjust the machine body of the insulating glass production line to level. Adjust the height of the flat bolts on the base of the machine to make the height of the transmission roller and the supporting surface of nylon wheel equal to the height.

2.Place the insulating glass production line in the equipment position, and put the orientation sequence of each section of the production line correctly.

3.Connect the parts of the insulating glass production line that need to be connected to each other tightly, and connect the drive chain from the feeding section to the cleaning of the monotonous section.

4.Fully check whether all fastener joints of the insulating glass production line are loose due to vibration during delivery, and tighten one by one (especially the joints of each terminal are loose).

5.The ground wire shall use a soft copper core yellow and green insulation wire with a cross-sectional area not less than 4 mm square. The ground resistance shall not be greater than 4 ohms.

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