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Failure analysis of glass machinery
May 29, 2018

Glass machinery in the course of operation, its internal parts to bear, heat, friction, wear and other functions, with the increase in the use of time, its operating state constantly changing, and some performance will gradually degenerate, resulting in the failure of parts (components).

This is the main cause of the failure of glass mechanical equipment, therefore, the study of the failure mechanism of parts (components), the identification of failure mode is the main task to ensure the diagnosis, but also to lay the information basis for fault diagnosis, and ultimately to reduce the life cycle cost of equipment, and fault analysis (failure analysis) is the main part of the diagnostic theory.

General fault refers to the phenomenon that glass machinery equipment loses or reduces its regulation function. Enterprise's glass machinery equipment is to meet the production process requirements or to complete the expected functions of the project, equipped with the function of glass mechanical equipment reflects its production activities in the value and the degree of assurance of production. The failure of glass machinery will seriously affect the quantity and quality of products, so we must explore the regularity of fault, manage and record the fault, analyze the fault mechanism and take effective measures to control the fault.

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