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Daily maintenance steps of glass cleaning machine
May 29, 2018

1. Remove the glass cleaning machine, raise the upper roller of the washing machine, and turn off the power supply and the water valve.

2. Loosen the fixed bolts at both ends of the nozzle and remove the nozzle.

3. Using high-pressure water gun will be pure water from the nozzle inlet into the nozzle to form water pressure, observe the water of each nozzle, with a paper clip to dredge.

4. Clean nozzle, install back to the original place, fastening bolts, note that the nozzle direction to keep the same before washing.

Cleaning and adjustment of wind knife drying area for glass cleaning machine What needs to be done? Glass washer The last one in the tank is heated high water, so attached to the surface of the glass substrate in the dry zone can be blown away by the wind knife under the action of high strength wind and evaporation. The blade of the blade and the glass of the original piece of the plane with a certain acute angle, every time to disassemble the wind knife or change its position should pay attention to measuring its angle and remain unchanged.

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