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Daily maintenance and correct operation of glass cleaning machine
May 29, 2018

By the transmission system, water flushing, pure water rinse, scrub, hot and cold air drying system and electronic control system composed of glass cleaning machine, mainly used in glass mirror, vacuum coating, toughened glass, deep processing technology, hot-bending glass, deep processing, hollow glass and other processes such as the processing of glass surface cleaning and drying process. 

About the daily maintenance and correct use of glass cleaning machine, on the one hand, to maximize the cleaning performance of the washing machine, on the other hand, also conducive to delay the cleaning machine parts damage and aging, improve its service life. So for the glass washer, what are the details of daily maintenance? 

On the one hand, the cleaning machine parts lubrication is mainly to avoid excessive fatigue gear, resulting in gear necrosis, and lubricants can increase lubrication, reduce friction. Second, the glass in the cleaning system to run smoothly, the need to calibrate the transfer roller of the relevant level, so that the glass is being sandwiched force evenly. The correct operation should be to first fixed the lower roller, and then adjust the height of the upper roller road. Third, the spray brush height adjustment is also the most important. Finally, the water storage tank and the cleaning plate is particularly important. The polishing agent and the spray pipe are unobstructed. Clean and adjust the dry area of the wind knife.

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