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Correct measures for maintenance of insulating glass processing equipment
Oct 24, 2018

The maintenance of insulating glass processing equipment in use is very simple, mainly to keep the pulley lubrication in all aspects, to keep the voltage stable, and to prevent the burning of electrical appliances. If there are abnormal conditions during operation, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection. Restart after troubleshooting. When there is a major failure of the equipment should be professional maintenance, before starting maintenance, do not turn off the total power.

1.Transmission maintenance: regularly add calcium base grease to all transmission roller bearings, brush roller bearings, transmission bearings, sprocket wheels and gears; The miniature cycloidal needle wheel reducer adds calcium base grease every half year; The stepless speed governor changes Ub - l or Ub - 3 oil every six months, and its oil level should be checked frequently during operation to keep the oil level above the center line of the sliding mark.

2.Waterway maintenance: the circulating water in the water tank should be replaced every day, and the water tank should be cleaned once a week. The water spout should be checked frequently and the blockage should be cleaned in time.

3.Air path maintenance: check the operation of the fan regularly. If there is abnormal sound, stop the machine immediately for inspection.

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