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CNC machining error measures
Dec 04, 2018

The error of the measuring device with small unit is the main measure to reduce the tool error:

㈠ When using the test cut method on the knife, the operation should be careful to the knife after the actual size of the parts processed by the tool and the error between the programming size to correct the tool compensation value, but also consider the impact of repeated positioning accuracy of the machine tool on the accuracy of the knife and the impact of the height of the knife location on the accuracy of the knife.

㈡ When using the tool, pay attention to the manufacturing, installation and measurement accuracy of the instrument and master the correct method of using the instrument.

㈢ Pay attention to the quality and dynamic stiffness of the cutting tool when selecting the cutting tool.

㈣ Periodically check nc machine zero drift, pay attention to adjust machine tool by adopting trial cut method and approximate method of fixed value method to machining of parts, each of these approaches are processing five parts, respectively, measuring the axial size and one of the radial dimension, for the average of the absolute value dimension deviation, the average large that a set of instructions for the knife if parts of the axial size error precision demand is high, do not use manual measurement test of cutting knife, because the human error of measurement is difficult to avoid, available automatic measurement system of that kind of try to cutting knife method, but also depends on whether the system measurement precision and the need to make sure that the size of the precision demand is higher, if parts of the radial size of knife, try not to use the approximate fixed value method to the knife method is difficult to guarantee the accuracy of the knife cut the alignment of the workpiece rotation center but this method of cutter parts of axial size won't have too big error, because the knife when the axial size is the automatic measurement system, to avoid the intervention of human error.

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