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Glass Machine

  • Pneumatic Glass Vacuum Lifting Equipment with Post

    Pneumatic glass vacuum lifting equipment with post Equipment Introduction: 1. HP-GX series of equipment are widely used in transition of various kinds of hollow glass, laminate glass, raw glass and tempered glass, etc . 2. Double colors pressure indicator is adopted, so as to...
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  • Horizontal Glass Washing Machine

    Horizontal glass washing machine Equipment Introduction: 1, Adopts horizontal structure to wash and dry each kind of flat glass. 2, Consists of in-feeding, washing, drying and out-feeding. 3, 4 pairs of brushes in washing and 3 pairs of sponges in drying make a performance...
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  • Horizontal Glass Washer

    Horizontal glass wash er Equipment Introduction: 1, There is a stainless steel water sink and high pressure spraying in the in-feed section, to make rubber rollers wash automatically and improve the washing effect. 2, Adopting gear wheel to convey, frequency converter to...
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  • Battery Glass Vacuum Lifter

    Battery glass vacuum lifter Equipment Introduction: 1. HP-GX series of equipment are widely used in glass transition and glass curtain wall installation. 2. American THOMAS DC vacuum pump and Panasonic DC battery are adopted; there is no need to connect other air source or...
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  • ZM9325 Glass Edging/Polishing Machine

    ZM9325 Glass Edging/ Polishing Machine Equipment Introduction: Characteristics: The ZM9325 series glass straight line edging machine is suitable for different size and thickness flat glass grinding, it can rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing finish in one time; the...
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  • CNC Glass Cutting Machine

    G lass cutting machine Equipment Introduction: Compose: Automatic intelligent glass loading machine+CNC automatic glass cutting machine+glass break table Function: Realize glass automatic loading, automatic transmission, automatic positioning, automatic optimization,...
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  • Vertical Insulating Glass Machine

    Equipment Introduction: 1. PLC control system with touch screen. 2. Automatically distinguish the coated glass from Low-E glass. 3. The glass combined better,because we adopt high quality imported vacuum generator and cup. 4. Cleaning LOW-E glass glass with frequency...
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  • Double Glazing Glass Making Machine

    Equipment Introduction: PLC control system with whole process, touch-sensitive screen and man-machine interface. Realize the surface layer of coated glass and LOW-E glass automatically. The cleaning machine and washer system adopt stainless steel and anti corrosion material...
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  • Insulated Glass Machine

    Equipment Introduction: -Automatically distinguish the coating side of coated glass and low-E glass. -Static state load glass when adding glass material to ensure safety in production. -The washing machine adopts stainless steel and other corrosion resistant material, good...
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  • Insulating Glass Equipment

    Main Feature: Vertical Insulating Glass Flat Press Production Line JYN1800 main components adopt imported brands, PLC control, Touch screen interface. Equipment Introduction: 1.PLC control, Touch screen interface. 2.Washing section adopts hierarchical structure. 3.Water tank...
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  • Insulating Glass Washing Machine

    Equipment Features: 1.PLC control system, touch screen interface. 2.Can wash on-line and off-line glass. 3.Hierarchical type washing machine. 4.Water tank automatic temperature control, water replenishing system. 5.European silencer system & stainless steel drying system....
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  • Double Glazing Glass Washing Machine

    Equipment Features: 1.Washing section and water system adopt complete stainless steel or rot proof materials. 2.It has 3 pairs of glass washing soft brushes for coated glass and LOW-E glass. 3.Drying section adopts rubber roller to scrape of the water,and use the hot wind to...
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