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Glass Machine

  • Pneumatic Glass Vacuum Lifting Equipment with Post

    Pneumatic Glass Vacuum Lifting Equipment with Post can counteract the torque and the recoil force generated by the electric screw assembly.
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  • Horizontal Glass Washing Machine

    The Horizontal Glass Washing Machine adopts horizontal drive and is suitable for automatic cleaning and drying of flat glass. Equipped with a stepless regulator and a connected drive system, the cleaning speed can be adjusted at will. Use high power and high pressure blowers...
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  • Horizontal Glass Washer

    Horizontal Glass Washers are mainly used to wash and dry automotive glass surfaces such as windshields, side windows, quarter windows and skylight glass. It consists of a feeding part, a disc brush, a front spray, a brush, an air knife and a delivery part.
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  • Battery Glass Vacuum Lifter

    The Battery Glass Vacuum Lifter is a glass handling device with flexible structure and simple operation. It can be assembled in a variety of ways as needed. Absorbing glass of different shapes and sizes can be realized by changing the position of the suction cup.
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  • ZM9325 Glass Edging/Polishing Machine

    ZM9325 Glass Edging/Polishing Machine is suitable for flat glass grinding of different sizes and thicknesses. It can be used for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing at one time.
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  • CNC Glass Cutting Machine

    This CNC Glass Cutting Machine allows the user to cut glass of any shape with high precision.The cutting beam adopts high-precision rack and rail inlet with high precision.
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  • Vertical Insulating Glass Machine

    Vertical Insulating Glass Machine automatically handles extra long glass and irregularly shaped glass. The CNC system control system ensures automatic operation. The touch screen interface helps with quick parameter settings and helps us monitor the machine's operating status.
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  • Double Glazing Glass Making Machine

    The Double Glazing Glass Making Machine is controlled by PLC to achieve automatic control and frequency control of the full line motor speed. The use of advanced assembly technology solves the problem of uneven and misaligned glass pressure.
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  • Insulated Glass Machine

    The Insulated Glass Machine has a feeding part, a washing and drying part, a light detecting part, a transition part, an aluminum spacer positioning part, a servo drive plate press part, a storage part, and an inclined unloading part.
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  • Insulating Glass Equipment

    The main components of Insulating Glass Equipment JYN1800 adopt imported brands, PLC control, Touch screen interface.
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  • Insulating Glass Washing Machine

    Equipment Features: 1.PLC control system, touch screen interface. 2.Can wash on-line and off-line glass. 3.Hierarchical type washing machine. 4.Water tank automatic temperature control, water replenishing system. 5.European silencer system & stainless steel drying system....
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  • Double Glazing Glass Washing Machine

    Equipment Features: 1.Washing section and water system adopt complete stainless steel or rot proof materials. 2.It has 3 pairs of glass washing soft brushes for coated glass and LOW-E glass. 3.Drying section adopts rubber roller to scrape of the water,and use the hot wind to...
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